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Kindergarten Programming

In alignment with our focus on success for life and early learning, and to provide equity in opportunity at all elementary schools, Hillside School District 93 offers a Full-Day Kindergarten program. Parents have the option of choosing a Half-Day program, but are encouraged to speak to school staff regarding the schedule and benefits of the Full-Day program before finalizing their decision.
Hillside School District's vision for Full-Day Kindergarten is to create a full-day experience that provides access to increasingly challenging academic content in a developmentally appropriate manner. The Full-Day program addresses all areas of child development and offers enhanced opportunities for child-centered, investigative, and exploratory activities that will help build social, collaboration, and problem solving skills.
While Half-Day Kindergarten can provide high quality educational and social experiences, a Full-Day program allows for additional experiences, including:
● Balance between structured and unstructured activities
● Additional time for direct instruction and small group instruction
● Opportunities to practice, reinforce, and apply skills learned through centers and exploratory activities
● Assessment, observation, and reinforcement within the school day schedule
● Integration of language development, social skills, problem solving, and gross/fine motor skills
● Expanded use of innovative learning tools that reflect a 21st century approach
● Opportunities for instruction in physical education, fine arts, or library Increased flexibility for the teacher in planning and delivering instruction
While none of the above experiences would be completely eliminated in a Half-Day program, the amount of time and the opportunities would be more limited for:
● Practice and application
● Centers and exploratory activities
● Small group instruction
● Daily instruction in physical education, fine arts, or library skills
● School-wide activities such as assemblies, parties, special events
● Literacy and math core content would occur within the classes that are held during the morning.
Parents who choose a Half-Day Kindergarten option will be encouraged to re-evaluate that decision periodically throughout the year and will be allowed to reconsider Full-Day Kindergarten. Families considering the half day option should address inquiries or requests to Mrs. Gainer, the Principal or to Mrs. Wagner, the Curriculum Director. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you for trusting us with the education of your child.