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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment » Ann Marie's Law: Elyssa's Mission

Ann Marie's Law: Elyssa's Mission

Ann Marie's Law 
Ann Marie’s Law. Illinois Public Act 99-443 mandates that Illinois public schools provide training to certified staff on suicide prevention. It also mandates that public school children, in 7th through 12th grades, be educated on how to identify the warning signs of suicidal behavior in adolescents and teens, along with appropriate intervention and referral techniques, including methods of prevention and procedures for early identification. District 93 has adopted the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program, which is funded, distributed,and implemented through Elyssa’s Mission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention. The ​SOS program includes a presentation to students designed to increase awareness of suicide and related issues as well as a brief screening for depression and other risk factors associated with suicidal behavior. ​ Sixth through eighth grade students in District 93 will participate in the presentation and screening. Prior to the day of implementation, parents will receive a letter indicating when the program will be taught. You may contact Hillside District 93 Principal, Bridget Gainer if you have questions about program.
If you are interested in knowing more about this progam, you may also view on-line parent training at