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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment » Ann Marie's Law/Suicide Prevention

Ann Marie's Law/Suicide Prevention

Ann Marie's Law/Jason Foundation's "A Promise for Tomorrow"
This curriculum resource is being introduced in District 93 in compliance with Ann Marie’s Law. Illinois Public Act 99-443 mandates that Illinois public schools provide training to certified staff on suicide prevention. It also mandates that public school children, in 7th through 12th grades, be educated on how to identify the warning signs of suicidal behavior in adolescents and teens, along with appropriate intervention and referral techniques, including methods of prevention and procedures for early identification. The material District 93 has adopted is “The Jason Foundation’s Program for the Awareness and Prevention of Youth Suicide.” The Jason Foundation program provides lessons for students to increase their awareness of the issue and to have ways to seek assistance for themselves or a friend in need. Lesson components are taught by the social worker and/or counselor at Hillside School. Each 7th & 8th grade student in District 93 will participate in lessons utilizing the Jason Foundation’s “A Promise for Tomorrow” curriculum. Both grade levels will have the lessons implemented during the second semester of the school year. Prior to the lessons in the classroom, parents will receive a letter indicating when the program will be taught. You may contact Hillside District 93 social worker and/or school counselor if you have questions about this new program.
Jason Foundation’s Program for Awareness and Prevention of Youth Suicide