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An e-Learning day may occur when school is cancelled due to inclement weather or used to make up a school closure. Instruction is provided by each student’s teacher through multiple means (electronic and hard copy). District 93 will be engaged in e-Learning days as needed when they are scheduled to make-up for cancelled school days.  


What is the schedule for an e-Learning Day? 

During e-learning students must be provided work from the teachers they were assigned to see on the missed day from multiple subject areas that ensures at least 5 hours of learning. The work will be assigned to the students on the emergency day and will be due to be submitted back to the teacher or staff member by 9:00 pm the day it was assigned. Students will follow their regular schedule with the listed instructional minutes below:


8:35 a.m. - 3:15 p.m 


K-5 and Specials 

  • Asynchronous (independent work) and Synchronous Learning (Attend via livestream/webcam)
  • At least 30 minutes synchronous learning (LIVE) via SeeSaw or Google Meets 
  • Specials- At least 20 minutes of synchronous learning via SeeSaw or Google Meets per class

6-8 and Specials

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous
  • At least 20 minutes of synchronous (LIVE) learning for each class period via Google Meets per class/subject


How will we find out about the activities for the e-Learning days?  

  • Prior to the e-Learning days, students will receive activities from their teacher, you will be notified via a text, email, and/or automated call about when e-Learning days are scheduled to take place. 
  • All e-Learning information and resources will also be on the district website


Student Confidentiality

During this period of distance learning, your child’s teacher will likely use a combination of live streaming technology such as Google Meets and/or SeeSaw with your child or with children in a group.  Additionally, there may be assignments delivered through electronic platforms. 


During live streaming instruction, it is inevitable that the teacher and other children will be able to see the area of your home surrounding your child and any activity that might be occurring in the background. We do not believe this to be a breach of confidentiality, but want you to understand that, in order to offer this opportunity, we cannot prevent this from happening. We also cannot prevent people from other children’s homes from viewing the instruction or interactions taking place over video streaming services. This intrusion is unfortunate but is not avoidable considering our current circumstances. 


We do ask that you do not video or audio record these lessons and that you make all attempts to respect the privacy of all students participating in distance learning with your child. 


Click HERE to view the District 93 e-Learning plan 

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