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from Mrs. Matson

HI from the "Speech Room"

I am delighted to be here at Hillside School as the school's speech/language therapist. I work with District 93 students who have been identified as needing speech/language services. I am here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If your child is receiving services from me, please know that you play a definite role in your child's progress. Each student I see receives a blue folder with pockets inside. The front inside pocket "Things To Do or To Show" is where I will put pages:
1) for your review and signature and 2) practice pages for you to do with your child, sign , and return in the folder. Thanks for your cooperation!
A little about me....
I earned my undergraduate degree from Miami University and my graduate degree from National Louis University.
I have had the privilege of being Hillside School's speech/language therapist for more than 45 years!
I work with wonderful students and a very talented, dedicated staff!
One of my favorite educational quotes:
"If I could...
I would teach each child to be positive- to smile, to love, and be loved.
I would teach each child to take time to observe some miracle of nature-
the song of a bird, the beauty of a snowflake, the orange glow of a winter sunset.
I would teach each child to feel warmly about the peers for whom the task of learning does not come easily.
I would teach each one to be kind to all living creatures,
and to crowd out of their lives feelings of guilt, misunderstanding,
and lack of compassion.
I would teach each child that it is ok to show feelings by laughing, or crying, or touching someone they care about.
Every day, I would have each child feel special, and through my actions, each one would know how much...
I really care. "
by Rogene N. Perry