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Mrs. Alicia Higgins-Kinane » Art makes you Smart!

Art makes you Smart!

 About Mrs. Higgins-Kinane
Professional Artist for 26 years, Teacher for 20 years, Art Teacher for 15 Years.  My name is Alicia Higgins-Kinane and this is my eighth year at Hillside School.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from St. Mary's College in South Bend and a Masters of Art in Teaching from National Louis University. I create paintings, drawings, collages, metal and wood sculptures and fabric wall hangings. When I am not creating art or doing work for school, I enjoy reading mystery books, watching comedies on TV and spending time outside. Most of all I enjoy spending time with my family. 
Art Classroom 

Concentrating on process in the art classroom while aligning our practice with the National Visual Art Standards. K-4 has Art for 35 minutes once a week. 5th through 8th grade students have 42 minute art classes. The 5th and 6th grade students have Art every day for a trimester. 7th and 8th grade students have Art every day for a quarter.

Gallery Nine3 is our showcase for student artwork. It will be March 4, 2019.

Art Classroom Expectations

Be Responsible: Students will be prepared for class and clean up materials at the end of the period.

Be Respectful: Students will listen to directions and treat art materials appropriately.

Be a Safe: Students will make safe choices and use art materials in a safe manner.


Positive Incentives for Students/Class

I use Class Dojo to keep track of behavior. For every positive point, a student will earn a Bluejay Buck. Bluejay Bucks can also be earned when students are following the expectations and encouraging others to do the same. Bluejay Bucks can be redeemed for junior high activity days, bluejay store shopping for K-6 and entered in a raffle in the art room.

1st Offense: General class reminder about the expectations, teacher will move in proximity to the student.

2nd Offense: Conference with the student about behavior expectations.

3rd Offense: Student’s seat will be moved.

4th Offense: Parents/Guardians will be contacted to make them aware of the situation.

If behavior surpasses a minor infraction, a behavior report or discipline referral may be issued.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.