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Student Spotlight

Dylan Patterson, 7th grade student, was just awarded 4th place for Most Philosophical 6th grader. Dylan wrote a piece last year titled, "Is the Pen Mightier Than the Sword?"   Dylan said that he was inspired to write the essay after a presentation in class about Emmett Till.  Dylan is a reflective student with a powerful message. In addition to being a gifted writer, Dylan is very involved in the music community.  He has been in Hillside Chorus since the 3rd grade.  Last year, he represented Hillside School District's Chorus performing in a festival for upwards of a 1000 people. He will be auditioning for the same District Chorus Saturday, Sept. 23rd.  
“Dylan has a huge personality that fills the classroom.” –Mrs. Leman
“Dylan has a great sense of humor, is outgoing, and shows a lot of positive participation in the classroom environment. He is not shy about singing at all- name a song I bet he will sing it." -Ms. Kelly